Provide modern mortgage servicing,

without needing to build it yourself.

With hundreds of millions of dollars of assets under management, Fraction has built a modern and robust residential mortgage servicing arm that is available for third-party whitelabeling for Canadian loan portfolios.

Why use Fraction Servicing?

If you choose Fraction, you are choosing a servicing company that has built systems from the ground up with modern technologies to support modern borrower expectations. No more needing to mail out statements or accepting paper cheques.

  • Faster onboarding. With other servicing companies, it can take months to get set up with their systems and requires significant engineering resources on your end to integrate with their legacy APIs. With Fraction's REST API, you can get going in days, not months.
  • A better borrower experience. Fraction has built a modern client dashboard where your borrowers can sign on and see the balance of their loans, make payments, download their monthly statements, or reach out for additional support.
  • Real-time back-office visibility. Other servicing companies will either give you no real visibility into your portfolio, or they might give you a monthly PDF summary, or at best you will receive a giant summary CSV. Fraction has built a custom analytics dashboard for your back-office team where you can view your portfolio as a whole and drill down into individual loans with ease with everything reflected in real-time.
  • Advanced monitoring. Fraction monitors if properties have been listed for sale, we verify if property taxes are current, we pull property valuations each month, and we do credit monitoring.

Borrower dashboard

Fraction offers automated payments either through our dashboard or through your borrower's banking app via bill payments, as well as automatic delivery of monthly statements which we can generate on your behalf.

Back-office dashboard

Access a dashboard to view your loan portfolio, drill down into individual loans or see overarching trends. Or, connect to Fraction's API and receive webhook events updating your systems on your loan book.

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