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Fraction is named Canada's Mortgage Lender of the Year

With great joy and excitement, we announce that Fraction has been named the Canadian Lenders Association’s Mortgage Lender of the Year!

Anita Chauhan
June 22, 2022
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Advancing the Fraction mission

Reimagining homeownership

Cue the drum roll… the Canadian Lenders Association has today revealed the 2022 Leaders in Lending Awards winners, recognizing the 10 most innovative lenders across Canada. This award is given to companies, executives, and thought leaders who think outside the box to develop and foster innovative concepts and strategies that help move the lending industry forward. 

These annual CLA Leaders in Lending Awards represent a prestigious group of innovative Canadian solution providers, top company executives, and notable thought leaders in the financial lending industry. 

The CLA represents over 230 businesses in the Canadian lending space and looks to advance the industry’s impact.

Advancing the Fraction mission

Since the beginning, Fraction’s primary goal has been to make finance fair. We’re honoured to receive this award, a testament to the fairer mortgage offerings we provide homeowners across North America.

“We’re grateful to be recognized as a leader in this category. The CLA has done immense work in advancing the hard work companies like ours do in the Canadian fintech space,” says Hayden James, CEO and Co-Founder of Fraction. “As we continue to grow, we know that there will be many homeowners across Canada that can take advantage of our solution. We are helping change the way that people across the country live.”  

Reimagining homeownership

Since 2018, we’ve embarked on a journey to bring forward fair, innovative lending options to millions of homeowners across Canada. Today, we’ve grown across several provinces and expanded into the US, with more growth on the way. 

“Being named Mortgage Lender of the Year is a testament to our vision, team, and the hard work that goes into bringing a truly innovative product to the mortgage market,” James added.

As things change globally, our product is here to help homeowners across North America save. Fraction helps homeowners reduce how much they spend monthly paying down their debt. We help people save and reduce the burden of increasing interest rates and mortgage payments. On average, Fraction has helped borrowers reduce their debt to income ratio by up to 50% simply by eliminating monthly payments. We have also helped raise the credit scores of our homeowners by 30 points on average.

These numbers can be life-changing. It can mean fewer stresses, burdens, and an assurance of security for themselves and their loved ones. By accessing their home equity with an approachable variable-rate mortgage like ours, homeowners can manage any economic shifts that are to come.

Offerings like Fractions help homeowners take more ownership of their homes and financial futures. We’re excited to continually impact the lives of our borrowers and homeowners across the country.