Fraction began with a simple idea...

Could there be a fairer way to help people access the equity in their homes?

Coming from a technology background, our team approached the problem differently than the financial veterans who dominate the industry. We looked at the problem through your perspective.

We threw out the rulebook and wrote a new one.

  • We lifted barriers to access, and did away with penalties.
  • We reimagined the application process to be more like a partnership, and less like a transaction.
  • Finally, we put you and your home in the driver seat because like everyone else, your situation is unique.

Fraction by the numbers

USD $250m

raised in funding from top investors across the globe

up to 50%

decrease in the average debt-to-income of homeowners

+30 point

increase in the average FICO credit score of homeowners

Our core values

To make meaningful change, you need a solid foundation. Here is what Fraction operates on:

Exceedingly Empathetic

We treat our customers and each other with the highest level of empathy and respect.

Fantastically Fearless

We are a team that is deliberate in what we do, but we aren’t afraid of taking initiative.


Be clear and upfront.

Radically Resourceful

We figure things out quickly, and we retain the scrappy mindset of achieving a lot with a little.

Inherently Innovative

We strive to find original solutions and are unconstrained by the way things are currently done.

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Ready to tap into your home equity?

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