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Fraction’s mortgage broker app is now live on the App Store

Check the status of your deals, upload documents, make changes to applications, and earn points for prizes—all on the go.

Josh Baker
February 20, 2024
Blog overview

Fraction loves brokers, which is why we have built an app specifically tailored to make your life easier.

We’re making it easier for brokers to work with Fraction, with the goal to be the single most pleasant lender you ever interact with.

Introducing Fraction’s broker app, our new iPhone app (Android is coming at a later date). We’ve tried to bake in every interaction after submission you might need to have with Fraction as functionality for the app.

You can upload documents and even scan documents straight from the app.

You will be able to see all of your deals at a glance and see their current status, as well as dive in to any specific deal to get more details, update information, complete tasks, and upload documents.

You can also see deal size as well as your projected commission and points.

Along with this added functionality, Fraction is introducing the Fraction Points program. When you fund more than two deals a year with Fraction, in addition to earning your fee, you will now earn points. 

These points are set up to help you grow your business. You can put those points towards paying down client appraisals or inspections, towards running ads to get new leads, or they can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards. 

Use your points to waive appraisal fees for clients

Want to know our current rates? It’s right on the app. Curious if a property fits in our operating regions? You can easily find out, right from your phone. 

Check any postal code in BC, ON, and AB

Right now, Fraction is focusing on our flagship product, the Fraction mortgage; so that’s what you’ll be able to use the app with. Over time, as we expand our product offerings, you’ll be able to see all of those products and your active deals on the app. 

If you’d like to download the app, find it on the App Store.